How to set up a home office

It is the dream of almost every office worker to work within the walls of his home because it provides many advantages and saves time and money on the daily commute to public transport.

Deciding to start a professional activity at home, it is necessary for time to think about where and how to organize a workplace, which, in turn, must meet certain requirements. About this, we intend to tell in today’s article, devoted to the creation of a small home office.

When creating a workplace, it is important to consider the following points:

  1. The workplace should not take up a lot of space. In fact, it is always a table and chair, as well as shelves, drawers, and cabinets to store papers, stationery, and other things.
  2. In the allotted strictly for the home office area should be placed only items directly related to your work and not cluttered with extraneous items.
  3. The work area should be organized ergonomically, that is, with the rules of placement of objects and equipment in space for maximum ease of use.
  4. Carefully choose the right lighting, the height of the table, and the furniture for seating, as they should not cause discomfort while working.
  5. In order for the room in which you are setting up a place for a home office, to look harmonious, try not to go beyond the existing interior, choosing furniture for the workplace using contrasting colors and style.

Where you can organize a home office

Now we’re not talking about placing a full-fledged working area in a separate room, which, more often than not, is impossible to do in the space of a small apartment. But when the task is to economically dispose of the room, there is a need to find alternative locations for a mini-office.

Hidden office

Very tempting looks the idea of organizing a home office, for example, behind the doors of a built-in closet or pantry, because inside each of them the space can be reorganized so that everything you need in a small office can easily and very conveniently fit in.

Sill and alcove

Both options are excellent for the design of the workplace, the only difference is the level of intensity of daylight. The obvious advantage of a home office set up on a wide window sill by the window, of course, is the natural light throughout the day.

In the case of niches, there is no sunlight, and the need for good artificial light comes to the fore. Regardless, a small office located in a recess in a wall, under a staircase, or between closets can be a great solution.

How much space do I need for a home office?

The size of the office should depend on the nature of the work you do. If you are going to receive clients or patients in the office, it seems necessary to allocate a separate room for this purpose, preferably with a separate entrance. This will make people coming into the office feel more comfortable. And your family, including.

However, if you perform completely remote work, for example, you – a designer, programmer, or copywriter, or you have a translation agency, which works online, it is reasonable to allocate the workspace in one of the rooms. How do you properly design an office at home to meet all your expectations?

Choose the right furniture

Everyone knows what role comfortable furniture plays when it comes to important work, such as with papers or a computer. Not paying due attention to the selection of a comfortable chair and desk, you can, in a short time, feel the effects of improper sitting position. Therefore it is recommended not to save on the purchase of a good quality anatomic chair with a slightly tilted back soft backrest and adjustable height of the seat.

If desired, you can place the necessary work items and equipment in the body of the desk bureau. Such furniture is quite compact and ergonomic for placement anywhere in the room, and a hinged table-top will allow at any time to begin to carry out work duties.

Remember, the simpler the furniture forms, the easier it will be to work in a small home office, located in, say, a deep alcove because visually nothing will gravitate over you. Instead of a heavy peninsula cabinet, install a small cabinet with drawers under the countertop, and above it – a couple of hanging shelves.

Interior Design

As mentioned above, a fitted home office can have many faces, and its appearance and character should depend on the type of work being done. People who want to furnish an office at home can choose from various solutions – an office combined with a living room, a bedroom, a home library, designed as a separate room, set up in the attic, and on warm days, even on the terrace.

How to organize a home office so that it allows full concentration and allows many hours of hard work? First of all, ergonomic furniture adapted to the height of the person working in the office is important – a large desk, a comfortable chair, and a footrest.

What kind of furniture to choose?

An ergonomically arranged home office should have a comfortable desk with a large tabletop, on which you can place all the necessary items and devices for work – a monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, document cuvettes, lamp, as well as a phone or even a coffee cup.

The desk should be equipped with drawers or shelves for storing office supplies – stamps, pens, a stapler, and other items. Also, important is a comfortable chair on wheels with appropriate spine support, armrests, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. In the home office, a filing rack or other piece of furniture will also be useful for storing important papers.

Remember that there are many ideas on how to organize the workplace at home. The furniture in the room should provide comfort during work, promote concentration and allow you to perform duties for many hours – without back pain. Built-in bedrooms – custom closets, custom built-in closets –

In what style to design the interior of the office?

Home office arrangements should harmonize with other rooms, if you have a house in a traditional style, or you focus on modern design, it is worth taking care of a single style of decoration.

Do you want to decorate the office in a modern style, such as minimalism or industrial? In such a space, black furniture is perfect, which will emphasize the character of the room. A metal desk, a designer shelf in the form of a ladder, painted with powder paint, and a ceiling lamp in the form of a light bulb – this is a great idea for a home office.

Or maybe you’re interested in stylish interior design because that’s the space you feel best in. If you have artistic or creative professionals, such as fashion design, writing, or lifestyle blogger, choose furniture that will inspire your work. Wooden table in Scandinavian style, white baseboards, decorative moldings on the wall – these is the elements that will give the office the right character.

Elegant interior design will reflect your personality and become a place where you can easily focus. Regardless of the style of your home office, an arrangement that matches your personality will allow you to enjoy doing your work.


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